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Becoming an Ultrapreneur has been the biggest and one of the most rewarding challenges of my life.

Nigel’s diverse background and broad view of business and life, in general, have helped me focus on the right things and build my company into one of Denver’s Fastest Growing Companies (according to the DBJ). Nigel’s unique approach uses a framework instead of a pre-packaged system so any entrepreneur with an open mind can achieve their definition of success.

Mike Belasco,

I highly recommend Nigel Clayton as a business coach/”Ultrapreneur” Coach for business owners.

Nigel, through his extensive educational training has become a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) credentialed coach through the ICF (International Coach Federation), one of only a few in the world.

He taught me to look at my business through different eyes. Nigel encouraged me to delve more deeply into what motivates clients as well as other business owners into making a purchasing decision. He guided me through many steps and helped me mold my thinking to consider the psychology of prospects and customers. Ultimately, I learned to frame my presentations to them with this in mind.

As a result, I made a dramatic shift in the way I conducted my business, which resulted in much-appreciated success. Thanks, Nigel!

Diane Sweat

Nigel is a master at turning the vague and cloudy into a clearly-focused 20-20.

He consistently asks the sometimes uncomfortable, but spot-on questions that every business owner and entrepreneur needs to hear if they are to truly engage and accelerate themselves and their business. He has an uncanny sense of the “real” issue under what we think are the issues, and gently, but persistently, drills down until every client knows exactly what’s preventing him or her from rocketing forward. Candidly, it’s not always what I want to hear, but absolutely what I need to hear. His insight is rare and unmistakably vital if you want to stop getting in your own way (which is often the case) and shift well-meaning busy activity to results that mean something.

Neal Browne,
Touch Point Video

Being a business owner can be lonely and sometimes scary.
I’m accountable for everything! I may be good, but I’m only one person, and I do have a life after I take off my business hat. It’s been quite challenging to remain sustainable with the demands and changes in the world of business. Having Nigel’s understanding, support, and direction has been one of my wisest business and personal investments. He’s helped me realize my dreams!

Michele Starbuck,
The Search Party

My business would not have achieved timely success without the help of Coach Nigel.
As a new entrepreneur, growing my business without exhausting myself continues to be a challenge…[but] With Nigel’s help, I have been able to see the areas of my business that I can outsource to promote faster growth and I’ve expanded my vision for the future beyond my wildest dreams. Thanks Nigel! I’m not sure how I could have done this without you!

Lisa Michaud,
The Startup Launcher

Nigel is very perceptive.
He has a unique way of cutting through to what really matters and getting to the heart of things. He’s helped me clarify my thoughts and focus on what’s important.

Don Senia Murray,
Don Murray Photography, Inc.