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Group Coaching for $95/month!!!!*

*$95/month is available when purchasing 12 months of group coaching.

Most people think business owners are stress free because they have it made, they choose their own hours and make lots of money. You know that’s not quite how it is! You’re responsible for every decision; your employees are counting on you; your family is counting on you. It’s hard to explain to “outsiders,” why being your own boss is so stressful. It’s hard for someone who’s never “been there,” to understand.

Group Coaching is made up of fellow entrepreneurs from a wide variety of industries, all of whom are in the thick of things just like you.

Group Coaching is the Powerful Dynamic That Will Give You the New Perspective You’re Looking For.


In our Group Coaching – under Certified Business Coach Nigel’s guidance – you’ll give and receive advice, share your expertise, bond, and help one another evolve as business owners in your quest to reach the ultimate phase of business owner growth, the Ultrapreneur.

At the end of your Group Coaching, you’ll walk away rejuvenated, with a new perspective, a practical set of tools to put to work in your business immediately, and a step-by-step strategic plan to help you fall in love with your business again.

Group Coaching is only $195 per month. Sign up today!

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If you sign up for 6 months,
the Group Coaching fee is only $125 per month!