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The 4 Steps of Ultrapreneur Success

  1. Vision – As an Entrepreneur you must have a vision of what you are trying to create, not just an idea. It’s the ultimate picture of what you want your business to become. To be successful, it must be connected to what you’re passionate about – to your authentic self. And that is connected to your life purpose. Your vision should be crystal clear.
  2. Comfort Zones – You’ve established your vision; you know where you are now. How do you break out of this comfort zone into the next one (and the one after that; and the one after that)? What do you want your next comfort zone to look like? Ask yourself, what can you change in the next six months that would make being in your business more fun? Not how to make more money, but have more fun! Think of comfort zones as short-term goals, and identify and overcome the obstacles that prevent you from reaching them.
  3. Time – You can perform three types of tasks with your time: tasks you are good at, tasks you are bad at, and tasks you love to do. Obviously, it’s a good idea to move away from tasks you’re bad at, but even tasks you’re “good” at can drain your energy. Your goal as Ultrapreneur is to only be doing tasks you love; these tasks rejuvenate and energize you, empowering you to keep moving forward.
  4. Systems – Systems have to work in the natural way the business owner works. If you’re a collaborator and try to force yourself to work solo, it isn’t going to work. Your goal is to get to the place where your systems complement the way you work. Otherwise, you end up working much harder for much less satisfying outcomes.

Remember, these steps are interrelated rather than linear. They are happening simultaneously.

A New Perspective. Practical Measures.

More than 35 Years of small business ownership have taught Nigel that entrepreneurs need practical next steps with measurable results, as well as the ability to step back and see things from a global point of view.