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The 5 Elements of Ultrapreneur Success

  1. Understanding Business – In order to have Ultrapreneur Success, you must understand how business works. What is the importance of each piece of your business and how do they all work together? How does making a change in one area affect other areas? Are you able to quickly and easily assess where the weaknesses are and take action to correct them? Do you have the information you need to confidently take control of your business, and make the critical decisions necessary to fulfill your vision?
  2. Passionate Creation – Having a successful small business isn’t just about the money. It’s about creating something that matters intimately to you; something you can’t wait to create because you are so passionate about it. If you won the lottery today, you’d keep coming to your business every day because you love it so much.
  3. Authenticity – Finding your true authentic self as a business owner means casting aside much of what our society has dictated we do in order to “succeed.” These standards imposed from outside us can prevent us from using the creativity, intuition, and imagination we feel in our heart. Discovering and taking action to become your authentic self, will evolve you into an Ultrapreneur.
  4. Complete Day-to-Day Happiness – It’s one thing to be excited about what you want to create; it’s another to be excited about what you’re going to do every hour of every day when you go to your business. The Ultrapreneur visualizes the lifestyle they want, understands who they are, and builds their business to be in harmony with all of who they are.
  5. Your Market Impact – What part of the market do you want to serve? What impact on your customers do you want your business to have? How can you solve the needs of your unique market niche that will enable you to have a win-win?

The Life You Want. The Business You Dream Of.