Business Coach/Mentor

You don’t want to hire a business coach/mentor that’s like all the other pigeons all following the newest fad or training you with a one size fits all linear process to ensure you will remain a follower. And keeping you accountable by telling you what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

You want to hire a business coach/mentor that’s like an eagle that has incredible vision, that flies high above the rest, that is tenacious, fearlessly looking for that one thing. That question that can cause that shift! That shift that can make you become the eagle.

Nigel is an MCC (Master Certified Coach) through the ICF (International Coaching Federation) which is the most advance professional coaching credential in the world. Nigel combines his experience, education, and real life experiences of being an entrepreneur for over 30 years to achieve those shifts with his clients.
He won’t tell you what to do but he will ask you those questions that have to be answered so you can be the leader (eagle) that creates the life YOU want to live.


Group Mentoring

Beginning the journey of the Ultrapreneur.

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1-to-1 Coaching/Mentoring

The fastest way to Ultrapreneur Success is one-to-one coaching.

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Free Intro Workshops

Workshops to Master the 4 steps of the Ultrapreneur.

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