We all know that our attitude can change from good to bad and from bad to good. As an entrepreneur it is critical that our attitude stay as positive as much as possible. If our attitude becomes negative, everything we touch will not turn out the way we want it to. And in the extreme case, it may spell disaster. Is your attitude leading you to disaster?

What is attitude? Our attitude is how we feel and respond to people, circumstances and things that happen to us. For example, what was your attitude as a child to having to do chores for your parents?

What causes a negative attitude? It is when reality and what we want reality to be are not the same and we are upset about them not being the same. The reality is I have to do chores. I don’t want to do chores! As long as we are upset about the gap that exists between reality and what you want it to be…we will have a negative attitude.

Where are we in our body when we are in a negative attitude? We are in our emotions. And more specifically, negative emotions. If we have an obstacle to overcome and we are in a negative emotional attitude, we are not very well equipped to solve it. We can’t think straight and we are probably asking ourselves…what is wrong with me? Why can’t I solve this? Everyone else can. I’m such looser!

We have to first be aware that we are in a negative emotional state by being more in touch with how we feel and as quickly as possible change to a positive rational state. How do we do that? We have to accept reality first. If we don’t, we will continually have the gap and we will be upset. We also have to accept that we and our business are separate. So if we are having a hard time overcoming an obstacle it doesn’t mean we are a looser. Our business obstacle needs a solution we haven’t found yet. It is a matter of finding that solution. For every business problem there is a solution. We may not always like the solution or some of the solutions, but there is a solution or solutions. When we start to explore solutions we are moving from a negative emotional state to a positive rational state. You will feel your energy changing for the better. You will feel more calm, more in control.

And finally, we need to change to a positive creative state. Once we start to feel in control, we can then move to the positive creative state where we feel not only in control but more at peace, more happy, lighter and our energy will be more rejuvenating. Then we will be equipped to solve the problem we are trying to overcome.


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