“You Talkin’ To Me?”

The phrase, “You Talkin’ To Me?” was spoken by Robert De Niro in the 1976 movie Taxi Driver. I often think about this phase when I hear people speak at various places. Many times it seems the presenter doesn’t know how to communicate to the type of people they are speaking to. This is also the case in a small group in which the person speaking really does not know the others in the group. And again when people are speaking one-on-one to others they may or may not know. In these situations the people or person being talked to must be thinking, “You Talkin’ To Me?”

What exactly am I talking about?

If you click on http://ultrapreneursuccess.com/personal-strengths-assessment/ you can take the “Personal Strengths Assessment” and learn which of the four types of people in business you are. In other words, how do you show up; what are your personality traits. This assessment breaks people down into four categories; Director, Presenter, Mediator, and Strategist. Each of them has a completely different description and different strengths and weaknesses.

If you are talking to an audience of Strategists, in order to communicate to them, they are going to want as much data, or information of the details as possible. If you are a Presenter and just tell them stories with no substance of facts, they will be very disappointed.

On the other hand if you are a Strategist and you are presenting to a group of Directors, you do not want to give a presentation with a lot of facts, they just want the bottom line.

If you are a Director and are presenting to a group of Presenters, your talk better be fun and have lots of different things you talk about to keep their attention; they don’t want the bottom line.

Understanding who you are dealing with and how to communicate with them will really help you in your business and your life to be successful. It will also help you avoid people looking at you and thinking, “You Talkin’ To Me?”

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