What is the Most Important Part of Your Vision?

Some of you are probably thinking that you have a vision – something to go toward that excites and motivates you. But let me ask you this: What is the Most Important Part of Your Vision?

Most business people would describe their vision as a combination of revenues generated in a certain time frame, additional locations or storefronts, more employees and other objective and measurable goals, but these aren’t really what a successful business person is ultimately reaching for. They don’t constitute a vision.

Goals are measurable things in our businesses, but why are they important to us? The answer to this question is what’s really behind your vision as well as your goals.

As we peel away the onion layers, keep asking yourself why these things are important to you.

Let me give you a hint: It’s not about the money. For many of you, your initial response to this is probably, “What?! Of course it’s about the money.” But, believe it or not, it’s never about the money. There is a reason you want to make the money. That reason is the most important part of your vision.


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