What’s the Biggest Thing that Stops You from Reaching Your Vision?

The first step in creating your vision is looking from the inside out. Again, most people create a vision by creating a series of goals that their progress is measured by. These are things outside of you. Most people try to create their happiness from the outside in. They believe that as soon as they reach certain goals, magically they will be happy. I remember when I was in college trying to decide on my major. Instead of thinking about who I wanted to be in the world – who Nigel was and what was important to me – I was trying to define myself by achieving external things like a Porsche. I was thinking that as soon as I made enough money to own such a car, I would be happy. This is how most of the world operates. Most people live their lives this way: Their happiness is always in the future and dictated by something outside of them. Meanwhile, in the present they are miserable.

Think about what you base your happiness on. Is it something outside of you, or the passion within?

Think about this. If you won 200 million dollars in the lottery, how would your life change? Just think about that for a minute; close your eyes and think about the prospect of winning 200 million dollars. Would you continue to do the same work you are doing now? If your answer is no, then you probably aren’t working with a vision that comes from your authentic self. Instead, you’re probably working on accumulating things outside of you. When I ask this question, a lot of people say to me, “I would stop what I’m doing and travel around the world.” But after you did all the traveling you wanted to – for a year, maybe two – then what would you do? Most people would need to do something, and most of the time it boils down to something they are passionate about.

The point is that when I ask people to imagine they have won 200 million dollars – even if it’s just for a moment – all the baggage they have accumulated throughout their lives as result of doing what they “should” do is suddenly gone. For a moment, the slate is clean.

There is no “I should do this.” There are no responsibilities; there is no right way or wrong way to do things. For a moment they are free from the Borg.

Looking back at your life and the things you’ve done will help you uncover some of the baggage you have accumulated. It may take a lifetime to find it all. That doesn’t matter. What matters is to be aware that it’s there, and that you might not always be coming from your authentic self because of it. It’s important to be aware of when your baggage stops you from being all you can be. The problem with being burdened by all this baggage is that it takes away your power. You stop thinking that you can create all you can because you’re not free to be who you really are: your authentic self.

If you don’t believe me, then consider the second part of my question regarding winning the lottery: If you would do the same thing that you were doing before you had all this money, would you do it the same way? For most people, the thought of having 200 million dollars takes away any restrictions they have placed on themselves about what they can create and how they would create it.

My question to you is why aren’t you doing it that way now? Most of you would say because of the money. Remember, it’s not about the money. You would be surprised at what changes you can painlessly implement in your business in the next six months. Every client I’ve had has changed his or her vision after working with me for a little while. Most of the time their vision gets bigger and more grand, or even changes completely. Why… because they suddenly have more money? No, because I help them become aware of their baggage, and they start to eliminate its hold on them. Most of the time people only fantasize about what they can do without these restrictions, and then tell themselves, I can’t do that; let’s get back to reality. Why not? What’s stopping you?

It’s the baggage!


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