What Stops You from Seeing Your Vision?

Imagine that your business is made up of a picture and a picture frame. The picture frame is the thing that supports the picture. The picture frame is made up of your goals, systems and processes, sales and marketing plans, and so forth.


Most entrepreneurs spend their time working on the picture frame. Most business books and seminars focus on the picture frame. If you just get these systems in place, you’ll be successful, they say.


Well, what good is a picture frame with no picture? The picture is your vision. It’s what you ultimately want to create. And, it’s much more than that. It’s not only the amount of revenue, number of storefronts and employees, and so forth, but it’s also what you, the business owner, will be doing in that picture.


So what stops you from seeing your vision is not visualizing your picture and concentrating on the what and why but rather working on the picture frame and concentrating on the how.


As soon as you start to see your vision, what happens if you ask yourself, “How am I going to do that?” You will start to analyze and you will be in your rational mind. You will not the what and why in your rational mind. It is in your imagination and your emotions. After you have found the what and why you want this picture, then you can figure out how to do it. But if you try to figure out how to do it before the picture is complete, it will disappear! Your rational mind won’t have enough information to figure it out and will destroy it by coming up with reasons why it can’t be done.


Imagine the what and why first, then the how will come!





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