What Are You Selling? Information, Education, a Dream, or You?

As a way to grow their business, many entrepreneurs are using presentations. The presentations may be to others within the company or to new prospective buyers. Now more than ever there are lots of opportunities to stand up in front of potential buyers and try to capture their attention. However, so many people are not quite sure or aware of what they are selling when giving their presentations.

Are you selling information, education, a dream, or you? The truth is, you might be selling all of the above.

Let’s say you own part of a company and have other silent investors. You’ve been growing the company for several years but realize that if you don’t grow much beyond where you are you will continue to be the one that performs most of the work and you are at or beyond your capacity already. You have an investors meeting scheduled in 4 weeks. You want to talk to them about growing the company in the next five years and having the growth rate increase, possibly having them invest more money to acquire other companies in your market, having multiple locations, and having other people perform most of the tasks while you develop and manage the organization. What are you selling to the investors?

You are selling Information and Education…
You are selling the good job that’s been done in the last several years by informing them of through financial numbers, and educating them as to how much these numbers have increased, creating growth and profit and how that has benefited them and given them a return on their investment.

You are selling the Dream…
You are selling the dream of going forward and building even more of what has already been accomplished. The dream of the investors having an investment that will greatly increase in value, give them a greater return on their through profits, giving them passive income, and an asset they can eventually sell to use for other things they dream of doing.

You are selling You…
You are selling to the investors that you are the person to get them to the dream. By talking to them about the ways you see the growth taking place; the components needed to be in place for the various stages, the business model changes that are required, the reason this will succeed, etc., you are showing that you are the person to get them there.

One more thing…
If you haven’t spent the time to look at all of these, the information, educating, the dream and how you fit into this, you won’t come across as the person leading the way. If you aren’t really excited about what you are proposing, the investors won’t either. So, make sure you have been able to sell the information, education, and dream to yourself first.

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