“What 5 things…?”

What five things must be completed in the next six months that are critical to your company’s success?







Take a couple of minutes or whatever time you need to ponder this question. Not knowing the answer could be the demise of your company!


Do not read anymore until you have come up with your answer…








After you come up with the answer, ask yourself if your answer deals with “actions” or “results.”

Would your answer have been different if instead of using the word “things” in the question, I had used the word “results?”

Much of the time people answer in terms of “actions.” They might say I need to market more, or do more speaking engagements, or get more business or clients. These are “actions” they will take.

The answer should be about what “results” need to be completed. For example, I need to generate $50,000 more net income or I need to reduce my expenses by 20%. These results should be objective and measurable. Meaning they can be evaluated as being reached with a yes or no.

In other words the “results” you desire should be directing the actions you take, not the other way around!

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