To The Moon!

Are those 2011 goals looming on the sidelines?  What to do first?  First, think about something completely different.  Consider shooting a rocket to the moon.  No really, consider how it was done.

NASA didn’t just wake up one day and decide, “Hey –  Let’s throw some people into a rocket, shoot it to the moon, then see if they ever come back!”   No, in fact, we can easily assume lots of time, planning, and research took place.  But even before that, putting humans on the moon started as the seed in somebody’s dream.  Imagination made NASA’s moon trip a reality.   Once imagined, painting a picture of this dream vivid enough for others to understand was necessary.

As outrageous as sending a rocket into outer space appeared, it happened.  The first thing to do with your 2011 goals, which really are dreams, aren’t they, is to imagine them into fruition.  Let the left, rational side of your brain take a rest, while the right, creative side of your brain goes to work.  Imagine what your life will become when these goals find their place in your reality.  Pretend they already are in your reality!  Close your eyes and see what’s different in your life when all 2011 goals are reached.  Then celebrate and feel gratitude for all you’ve just imagined.  Soon the picture in your mind will become clear and you’ll see circumstances in your life lining up in support.  Have fun pretending!


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