The End Of the World

As I am writing this, a California preacher has predicted the end of the world will happen today!

He also predicted it would happen in 1994. So, even though I don’t put any credence in the prediction, it made me think about what would I do if I thought it was the end of the world today. Would I have really partied last night knowing it was the end? What would I have done differently last night than I did because of knowing the end was today.

I then began to think about the fact that most of us don’t live our lives to the fullest. We think we have plenty of time left, even though we don’t know that.

How would we live our lives if we knew it was going to end today, or if we knew when it was going to end? Would you want to know when it was going to end for you? Most people wouldn’t.

George Harrison wrote in the song Run of the Mill on the All Things Must Pass album “Only you’ll arrive at your own made end, With no one but yourself to be offended, It’s you that decides.”

If you knew your life would end soon would you be braver? Would you make choices that you are afraid to make now? Are you holding back because you think you have plenty of time left? It’s you that decides. Make your own made end what you want it to be by living your life to the fullest today and every day.

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