Successful Entrepreneurs…Rational or Emotional?

In order to be a successful entrepreneur, should you be more rational than emotional?

At one time in our nation’s history, women were not considered to be well suited for business because they were thought to be too emotional! I didn’t say it! 🙂

Today we hear a lot about passion. You must be passionate about what you do. Only those with passion will be able to lead their business to success. Are there times when it is better to be emotional rather than rational, and vice versa?


For example, if you are not passionate about your vision, when you hit a road block and it becomes very hard to overcome an obstacle, or obstacles, you may give up. This is what happens every year with people setting goals. They set goals but they really aren’t passionate about what they have set down as goals. Usually it is a tangible goal like a dollar amount and they have not discovered the intangible goal behind it. It’s not about the money, it’s about what’s behind the money that creates the passion to continue to go forward no matter how many obstacles get in the way of you achieving that goal. It’s the “why” it is important to you that creates the passion behind the tangible goal. That “intangible why” is the power behind your vision.

However…let’s say you do come up against obstacles when trying to achieve your goals and after a while you become overwhelmed and emotionally defeated. If you stay in that negative emotional state, even though you are passionate about reaching your goals, you will not reach them. In this case, as quickly as possible, you need to move from the emotional to the rational. Rationally figuring out what it will take to overcome the obstacle or obstacles is where you need to be. And remembering that the dollar amount of your goal is what connects your vision to its manifestation in the material world. It is a measurement as to whether you are getting closer to manifesting your vision in the business material world or not. Just like if you get excited and rejuvenated when you imagine your vision, your energy is the measurement as to whether you are getting closer to what you are passionate about or not.

So, in order to become a entrepreneur you must be both rational and emotional. Sometimes it’s appropriate to be emotional and sometimes it’s appropriate to be rational. Make sure you are in the appropriate state at the appropriate time!


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