How Football Teams are like Entrepreneur

As many of you know I help entrepreneurs evolve from Ego-preneur to Entre-preneur to Ultra-preneur. This evolution involves the entrepreneur as the business owner to evolve their mindset from the technician to the manager to the leader. I can describe the technician as someone who does the work, the manager refines systems, and the leader is the visionary and creates things that are new. Many of you ask me for real life examples to explain the difference between the technician, manager, and leader.

So here’s a real life example. Let’s look at a football team, like the Broncos and the head coach. The head coach has football players that play various positions. There are linemen, linebackers, running backs, etc. These are technicians doing the work.

The head coach has other coaches on the team. He has line coaches, quarterback coaches, defensive coaches, and many more. These are the managers. They make sure each system is continually refined to help make each player more efficient and effective.

Then there is the head coach. He analyzes the opposing team before the game and puts together a game plan. From how the opposing team reacts to his game plan, he then puts together another mini game plan to counter act what he observed. He continues to change his strategy to beat the other team as the game goes on. He is the leader continuing to create new strategies to beat the competition. He is looking at the game from the outside in. To the head coach it’s a continuously changing puzzle that has to be monitored just as a general would do on the battlefield.

The head coach then relates this information to the managers and they in turn relay it to the individual players. Although a line coach may see something that needs to be changed because of what they are observing in the game they are not watching the entire big picture of the game. Nor is each individual player; they are watching the game from the inside out. Only the head coach is watching the entire picture.


When you are designing your business, make sure that you take each of these roles into consideration. When we first begin our businesses, often our responsibilities include all of these roles. However, as you begin to envision the growth of your company, define your role and hire around the others. After all, it takes more than one person to win the game!


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