Formula Racing Cars and Staying on Track

A friend of mine several years ago took lessons to drive formula racing cars. She said it was an incredible experience and it was very enlightening! What she noticed the most was that when she was driving the formula cars, at speeds that I can’t even imagine, as long as she kept her eyes on where she was going; everything was fine.

But the moment she noticed all of the things that were going on around her, such as the excessive speed she was driving, that there was a car in front of her and a car behind her, things near the track whizzing by her, etc. she became overwhelmed and everything seemed to be going faster and becoming more chaotic.

This is much the way many entrepreneurs work in their businesses. They are so busy watching or reacting to the things that are going on around them, they become overwhelmed. As long as they keep their eye on where they are going, i.e., the goals they have set for themselves and their vision, everything seems to slow down and becomes manageable.

My friend didn’t need to be focusing on all of the many things going on around her in order to be on track with her racing car. As a business owner how many things are you focusing on that you really don’t need to?

Although you may be aware of many things going on around you and you many need to make adjustments because of them, it’s the road up ahead you really should be focusing on. For example, my friend may need to be aware of another car right next to her and adjust accordingly, but if she doesn’t keep her eye on the next turn she may miss the next turn and crash. So keep the chaotic adrenaline down and stay on track!

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