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The number one concern of small business owners and professionals is acquiring new business and making more money, or stated another way…how do I lead my business to success?

In order to Lead Your Business To Success…

You need to learn…

…what you didn’t in school

…or working for someone else

And that a Successful Entrepreneur has to…

…Think differently

…Make better decisions

…Take action faster

…And become the Leader of their business.

In order to do so, you need a framework consisting of:

1. Community

2. Relationships

3. Your Business

4. You

5. Action/Goals

(Think of this as a dart board or target going from the outside starting with number 1 and then moving inward with number 5 being the bulls eye).


1. Community 

Where ever you are in your journey as an entrepreneur having a community of other like-minded entrepreneurs is essential. Let’s face it, unless you are an entrepreneur you don’t understand what it’s like to be an entrepreneur. Unless they are entrepreneurs themselves, your family, friends, acquaintances, and anyone else in your life, will not understand and usually won’t offer you much support. Being an entrepreneur can be a very lonely existence without that community support from other entrepreneurs.

This is not a competitive environment but a collaborative, supportive, giving community of entrepreneurs. I believe the competitive model is dead and that community and collaboration is the way business is succeeding and will be done moving forward. That’s not to say that every business owner is not wanting to be the best at what they are doing. We thrive on making a positive change in the business environment and our communities which can only be done by being the best at what we do.

To get to the next level entrepreneurs need others that are further along in their businesses to help them move forward.  Entrepreneurs at every level of the stages of entrepreneur evolution that are willing to help others get there too.

2. Relationships

I believe that business is now created through relationships. The old 20th century model of marketing and sales that consisted of talking someone into buying what they didn’t want or need, is outdated, dead and gone. The new model consists of helping entrepreneurs understand that business in the 21st century is about knowing who you want to work with because you have a passion and purpose to help those people succeed that is related to who you are. And that by creating relationships with those people and helping them with what they are concerned about, you will succeed as an entrepreneur.

No more going to groups and meetings and feeling uncomfortable because people are trying to constantly sell something to you. Now your business can now be conducted in a new, exciting, easy, simple, and fun way that is the most powerful way to get you to where you want to go.

3. Your Business

Most entrepreneurs start a business to sell a product or service, but don’t know anything about business. And even if you are a seasoned entrepreneur, you may not know all of the components of business that you need in place to be the success you want to be. Even though you may have the entrepreneurial spirit, you are also creating a business. A business is like a machine, if all the parts of the machine aren’t working together as they should, the machine will not run at it’s capacity and will eventually stop working.

Understanding all of the components of your business; what they are, how they work together, and how to make them run at capacity is essential to your business success.

4. You

Your business should never become a job that is only existing to create money to pay for your bills. If you are working only to create money when you hit a roadblock you will have nothing to help move you forward through that roadblock. You will have nothing that comes from inside you that will help you move forward.

You as the business owner can lose that entrepreneurial spirit and end up working for the business instead of the business working for you to get you to where you want to go. You need to know who you are, why you want to play the game, and why you want to win.

You need to be able to connect the dots by making sure you have found your passion. This is what you would do even if you had all the money you would ever need. This is what you would do after all of your needs have been met. This is what you can’t wait to get up in the morning to do everyday. Then connecting that passion to your goals. Connecting your goals to your vision and then connecting your vision to your purpose.

5. Action Steps/ Goals

All of the above 1-4 are critical to being a successful entrepreneur. But if you are not setting goals and following action steps to reach those goals, all is for naught. These goals must be the ones that will help you get to where you ultimately want to go, and in the fastest way possible. You need to be pushed outside your comfort zone in order to make this happen. Being pushed outside your comfort zone is when you grow and develop to become the leader of your business so you can take it through the various levels to reach your ultimate goals and vision.

Many business owners set goals, create action steps but never reach those goals. And even if they do, those goals aren’t the goals that will get them to where they ultimately want to go. Being pushed outside your comfort zone is scary for most of us. Many businesses evolve as time goes by but most business owners do not. They have the same skills they had when they started their business. Only by being pushed outside of your comfort zone to reach for those bigger goals by taking the action steps required to get there can you evolve to be the leader you need to be and get to where you want to go.

Come and experience the difference of my new Ultrapreneur Success Groups that will help you learn what you need to know to Lead Your Business To Success and create the business and life you really want!