Belief in Success

Why do some people believe, without outside evidence, that they will be successful while others don’t? Do you think people need outside evidence first before they believe on the inside they will be successful?

I once had a client that had been laid off from a corporate job. He started his own business providing basically the same type of services as he had provided through his corporate position. At the one year mark, he had enough money saved for six months worth of his operating expenses and three to four months of work in the pipeline with the anticipation that some of his projects would extend beyond the three to four months. At the one year mark, he decided to close his business and went back into a corporate job. Even though he had outside evidence that he was on his way to being successful, he didn’t believe it would continue. He didn’t believe he had the ability to continue to manifest new business and be successful. I have had other clients that had no outside evidence that they were going to be successful, yet they were able to believe they would be, and as a result have found success.

Why do some people need the outside evidence and some don’t? Why do some people believe they can be successful inside before they have outside evidence? What holds some people back? When people do not believe that they will be successful on the inside there is usually a fear of loss involved.  The fear of loss is connected to intangible things, not tangible. Yes, some people believe that if they attempt something and fail they may lose their business.  But if they dig down deeper, it’s more about losing their self respect and reputation.

When fear comes into play, emotions take over. The person is not thinking clearly or creatively, and as a result they are not at their peak energy level. That’s why during a divorce the lawyers are in control, because they are not emotionally involved. When my clients are in this emotional place, I start to bring them from emotional to rational thinking. Instead of emphasizing that they don’t have any outside evidence that they will succeed, I ask them, “What evidence do you have that you will fail?” They then start to think clearly and can be creative.

Creativity is produced through the right side of the brain. You can’t be in a stressful, serious, heavy energy place and be creative. The analytical, left side of the brain is in play when stressful situations arise. The left side of the brain is like a really powerful computer, but it doesn’t create things. The right side of the brain does. Once they feel the creativity, they start to feel the power. Then they believe.

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