How Football Teams are like Entrepreneur

As many of you know I help entrepreneurs evolve from Ego-preneur to Entre-preneur to Ultra-preneur. This evolution involves the entrepreneur as the business owner to evolve their mindset from the technician to the manager to the leader. I can describe the technician as someone who does the work, the manager refines systems, and the leader is the visionary and creates things that are new. Many of you ask me for real life examples to explain… Continue reading

The End Of the World

As I am writing this, a California preacher has predicted the end of the world will happen today!

He also predicted it would happen in 1994. So, even though I don’t put any credence in the prediction, it made me think about what would I do if I thought it was the end of the world today. Would I have really partied last night knowing it was the end? What would I have done differently… Continue reading

To The Moon!

Are those 2011 goals looming on the sidelines?  What to do first?  First, think about something completely different.  Consider shooting a rocket to the moon.  No really, consider how it was done.

NASA didn’t just wake up one day and decide, “Hey –  Let’s throw some people into a rocket, shoot it to the moon, then see if they ever come back!”   No, in fact, we can easily… Continue reading

Turned Inside Out!

Many people believe the key to their success can be easily found in one simple answer. They spend their time chasing rainbows, looking for the Holy Grail, feeling certain there is a missing piece needing to be found. Millions of dollars a year are made by “experts” professing they have found this proverbial key to success. Scan the bookstore and you’ll find books on how to dress for success, how to become a millionaire, how… Continue reading

Right brainers will rule the world.


Traditional business thinking has generally followed a linear, compartmentalized process that molded the sum of its various known parts into a logical, pragmatic solution. This process was born primarily out of the dawn of manufacturing, which attenuated the sequenced progression, and didn’t allow for continuous discovery, collaboration, rapid prototyping, or integrated thinking.

The pace of change in today’s business climate has accelerated to the point that a linear-based thinking approach no longer can possibly… Continue reading

Formula Racing Cars and Staying on Track

A friend of mine several years ago took lessons to drive formula racing cars. She said it was an incredible experience and it was very enlightening! What she noticed the most was that when she was driving the formula cars, at speeds that I can’t even imagine, as long as she kept her eyes on where she was going; everything was fine.

But the moment she noticed all of the things that were going on… Continue reading

Belief in Success

Why do some people believe, without outside evidence, that they will be successful while others don’t? Do you think people need outside evidence first before they believe on the inside they will be successful?

I once had a client that had been laid off from a corporate job. He started his own business providing basically the same type of services as he had provided through his corporate position. At the one year mark, he had… Continue reading

Are We Just Cyborgs?

Amber Case studies the symbiotic interactions between humans and machines — and considers how our values and culture are being shaped by living lives increasingly mediated by high technology. I really got quite a lot out of watching Amber Case’s video. Her concern is that people who are totally engaged in technology don’t take time to have any self reflection. She contends that when we are engaging in self reflection, we are more effective at… Continue reading