Now That Your Summer Grant Has Run Out…!

I have been looking for it most of my life but I have never been able to find it! But there are people that every summer have the knowledge to find the summer grant so that they don’t have to work in the summer. Do you know any of these people? They basically take the summer off and don’t have to make money until the fall. Then they work like mad until the end of… Continue reading

Assessment: How much do you need to unlearn?

See how you do taking the self assessment below. Do you need to unlearn in order to move forward? If you aren’t feeling really positive towards the statements listed below, you may need to.

I believe I have all I need to be successful.

I know I can overcome the obstacles to get to whatever level I want to go to.

I’m very confident about making the right decisions.

I don’t think I need to… Continue reading

What is the Most Important Characteristic Entrepreneurs Need to Have to be Successful?

When I started coaching entrepreneurs over 12 years ago, I would here from people that weren’t entrepreneurs, that entrepreneurs were risk takers. Some even said entrepreneurs didn’t look at risk at all. That they were impulsive, wild, and didn’t mind getting into situations in which they couldn’t predict how things would turn out.

The general feeling from those that weren’t entrepreneurs was that entrepreneurs did not plan things out, were not strategic, did not follow… Continue reading

You became an MLM, now what?

So you became an MLM and then what happened? You started to market yourself by going to leads groups and networking events. And what did you find? Many others doing the same thing and many with YOUR MLM. Now What?

How do you shine above others when everyone is saying the same thing?
How do you distinguish yourself when there are many others talking about the same MLM and you feel like another brown buffalo… Continue reading

Partners in Business FAIL because of What-if’s!

Most people start a business partnership just the same way lovers start a marriage. They are thinking of all the good things about the new partnership. There is excitement about what they will do together and all the great things that will come from their partnership. In a business partnership, they might be thinking of what they are going to create together. All the optimistic business plans and visions; the company name, marketing plans, having… Continue reading

How are most entrepreneurs trained?

Before becoming a small business owner most entrepreneurs have been directed by society through schooling and the corporate business world. In both there is orientation, training, a boss (a teacher or a supervisor), rules and regulations, policies and procedures, evaluations; in essence there is a structure they must conform to. They are told what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

Then they go into the world of the entrepreneur. There… Continue reading

Do Entrepreneurs Make Lousy Business Owners?

I was asked this question on Linked In a few weeks ago and found the conversation interesting. Here was my answer. What would yours be?

I think they are USUALLY two different animals.

Entrepreneurs by my definition are those individuals that go boldly into the future and create something new. They see things as they can be; they are visionaries. Once they have created that something new, they go to the next new creation. They… Continue reading

How Do We Bring Value To Our Clients

The first thing we do is listen to and understand what our clients are telling us they need.

For example, when the personal computer came on the scene many years ago, many of our clients purchased one and accounting software as well. At that time, many accountants thought their clients were doing this mostly to reduce the fees they were paying their accountants. They also thought their clients would leave them because their clients could… Continue reading

Go With Creativity

Cutting edge often times begins with a non-linear, whole-thinking approach.  Tapping into this right brain freshwater spring is as easy as unlearning.  Unlearning how to solve problems and tackle innovation from a set of comfortable norms, design thinking throws out the norms and invites a more creative, new perspective way of doing business.

Design thinking allows a more laissez faire approach to emerge from collaboration.  Collaboration takes place in a tag-team style… Continue reading

How Do I Reduce My Costs Without Reducing Quality!

The recession has been upon us now for many years. We have lost more jobs in this recession than all the other recessions since the Great Depression! Many business owners are thinking about cutting costs in order to survive. But what are some of the problems with doing so?

We have had many new clients tell us about their trials and tribulations with attempting to reduce costs. Some of the first costs that business owners… Continue reading