“What Do You Do?”


The question most people ask when they meet you for the first time is “What do you do?” Why do they ask this question?

The question is used to screen you as fast as possible!

First, they do want to know how you make a living.

Second, they want to know where your box is on the societal hierarchy as compared to theirs.

Third,… Continue reading

What’s the Biggest Thing that Stops You from Reaching Your Vision?

The first step in creating your vision is looking from the inside out. Again, most people create a vision by creating a series of goals that their progress is measured by. These are things outside of you. Most people try to create their happiness from the outside in. They believe that as soon as they reach certain goals, magically they will be happy. I remember when I was in college trying to decide on my… Continue reading

What Stops You from Seeing Your Vision?

Imagine that your business is made up of a picture and a picture frame. The picture frame is the thing that supports the picture. The picture frame is made up of your goals, systems and processes, sales and marketing plans, and so forth.


Most entrepreneurs spend their time working on the picture frame. Most business books and seminars focus on the picture frame. If you just get these systems in place, you’ll be successful,… Continue reading

What is the Most Important Part of Your Vision?

Some of you are probably thinking that you have a vision – something to go toward that excites and motivates you. But let me ask you this: What is the Most Important Part of Your Vision?

Most business people would describe their vision as a combination of revenues generated in a certain time frame, additional locations or storefronts, more employees and other objective and measurable goals, but these aren’t really what a successful… Continue reading

Successful Small Business Owners…Rational or Emotional?

In order to be a successful business owner, should you be more rational than emotional?

At one time in our nation’s history, women were not considered to be well suited for business because they were thought to be too emotional!

Today we hear a lot about passion. You must be passionate about what you do. Only those with passion will be able to lead their business to success.

Are there are times when it is… Continue reading

Entrepreneur self-assessment

Answer the following questions, true of false:

I am not afraid to dream big.
 True  False

I love creating things that are bigger than me.
 True  False

I trust my intuition.
True False

I know I will always be able to create and manifest what’s important to me.
 True  False

Not knowing how I am going to do something, does not stop me.
 True False

It is easy… Continue reading

What Are You Selling? Information, Education, a Dream, or You?

As a way to grow their business, many entrepreneurs are using presentations. The presentations may be to others within the company or to new prospective buyers. Now more than ever there are lots of opportunities to stand up in front of potential buyers and try to capture their attention. However, so many people are not quite sure or aware of what they are selling when giving their presentations.

Are you selling information, education, a dream,… Continue reading

It’s 2013! Entrepreneurs: what’s one of the most important things to consider this year?

Well, we almost went over the fiscal cliff. The economy isn’t booming. Unemployment is still up and the federal government has a massive debt problem. If you listen, watch, or read the news it seems very grim.


So, as an entrepreneur what is one of the most important things to consider this year?


Maybe we need to stop watching, listening, or reading the news! Especially, if doing so, makes us think negatively. For… Continue reading

Entrepreneurs…Before Setting Your Business Goals for the New Year…

Most people that say they have set their goals for the new year, usually are referring to their business goals. We all know how important it is to set our business goals. However, it is also important to set all of our goals as well.


Consider these other goals:



Physical health

Mental health





And if these goals are not considered when you prepare your business goals, how will… Continue reading

Are You Authentic?

This is a great article I came across and thought I would share it with you. I agree with what she says and hope you will take it to heart.

Be yourself, be authentic!



Are you authentic?


NOVEMBER 8, 2012 • 


Professional or authentic? Which is the best marketing tone for your business? The answer is that a highly polished, professional approach can feel as if it has… Continue reading