We all know that our attitude can change from good to bad and from bad to good. As an entrepreneur it is critical that our attitude stay as positive as much as possible. If our attitude becomes negative, everything we touch will not turn out the way we want it to. And in the extreme case, it may spell disaster. Is your attitude leading you to disaster?

What is attitude? Our attitude is how we… Continue reading

Successful Entrepreneurs…Rational or Emotional?

In order to be a successful entrepreneur, should you be more rational than emotional?

At one time in our nation’s history, women were not considered to be well suited for business because they were thought to be too emotional! I didn’t say it! 🙂

Today we hear a lot about passion. You must be passionate about what you do. Only those with passion will be able to lead their business to success. Are there times… Continue reading

It’s Funny How Falling Feels Like Flying…for a little while!

You decide to take lessons on how to fly using a bat suit. Yes, you want to fly down canyons without a parachute! You learn about updrafts and downdrafts. You practice in an indoor simulator. You then practice jumping off small cliffs and build up to larger ones. You go to the Grand Canyon. You are on the edge looking down at the Canyon. You feel you are ready.

You are scared but people anticipating… Continue reading

The Ultrapreneur Manifesto

The Industrial Revolution is over but it’s remnants still dictate the mindset of most American businesses. The programming starts with our educational system that still uses the same academic hierarchy that was established in the nineteenth century where mathematics is at the top and art and music are at the bottom. It continues into the business arenas with “hard work” being the mantra that signifies the secret to success. Work hard, keep your nose to… Continue reading

The Perils of Presentations!

Many years ago I gave my first presentation in front of an audience. How many years ago was it? It was so many years ago that I was using an overhead projector to show my notes on a screen! For those of you who don’t remember the overhead projector, you would write notes on transparent sheets that were like plastic. They were actually polyester film with a clear microporous topcoat specifically designed for use in… Continue reading

Are you an Entrepreneur or a Business Owner?

After several years of success many “entrepreneurs” find themselves overworked, frustrated and feeling like success sucks. They are working harder and longer than ever before, have no work/life balance and wonder whether they can get out of the mess they have created. They have become “business owners!”


Instead of being excited and passionate about what they are doing they are spending most of their time doing things they don’t like to do. They are… Continue reading

“What 5 things…?”

What five things must be completed in the next six months that are critical to your company’s success?







Take a couple of minutes or whatever time you need to ponder this question. Not knowing the answer could be the demise of your company!


Do not read anymore until you have come up with your answer…
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“Why Not Now?”

My brother started working for a tile company when he was 19 years old. The company told him that he had to sell a certain amount of tile within a month to keep his job. He sold the required amount in one week! Ten years later he was managing all of the tile stores in 5 states in the northwest United States. This advancement had come at a price however. He was overweight, had high… Continue reading

“You Talkin’ To Me?”

The phrase, “You Talkin’ To Me?” was spoken by Robert De Niro in the 1976 movie Taxi Driver. I often think about this phase when I hear people speak at various places. Many times it seems the presenter doesn’t know how to communicate to the type of people they are speaking to. This is also the case in a small group in which the person speaking really does not know the others in the group.… Continue reading

“All Things Must Pass…But Wait?”

George Harrison released his triple album “All Things Must Pass” in 1970 after the breakup of the Beatles. Harrison had been accumulating the songs he recorded for the album as far back as 1966. One of those songs was “Isn’t It a Pity.” It had been rejected by John Lennon three years before, and George had considered offering the song to Frank Sinatra! Harrison recorded the album from May to August 1970 at Abbey Road… Continue reading