“All Things Must Pass…But Wait?”

George Harrison released his triple album “All Things Must Pass” in 1970 after the breakup of the Beatles. Harrison had been accumulating the songs he recorded for the album as far back as 1966. One of those songs was “Isn’t It a Pity.” It had been rejected by John Lennon three years before, and George had considered offering the song to Frank Sinatra! Harrison recorded the album from May to August 1970 at Abbey Road Studios. Musicians involved in the recording included Eric Clapton, Klaus Voorman, future Yes drummer Alan White, Ringo Starr, members of Badfinger, keyboard players Billy Preston, Gary Brooker and Gary Wright, and Pete Drake on steel guitar. A young, pre-Genesis Phil Collins played bongos. Bob Dylan co-wrote one of the songs on the album. Maurice Gibb was also present in the recording sessions. The album was released on November 27, 1970 in the UK, and on December 10, 1970 in the US. The album was number one in the UK for eight weeks and seven weeks at the top of the US charts where it was certified six times platinum.

This is my all time favorite album for many reasons. There are so many rich lyrics in so many songs. It’s all about love, life, spirituality, and CHANGE. My favorite Beatle, the quiet Beatle, the spiritual Beatle, really hit a home run with this album. I still listen to it today and even though it is now 43+ years old, it is still great!

(Check it out; it was remastered in 2001 just months before George’s death. And for the 40th anniversary the album was re-issued in a box set of 3 vinyl LPs in November 2010).

But Wait?

So, this year I have been acutely aware of the changes that are happening in business. Because of various things like a bad economy, people being laid off from Corporate America, etc. we are going through big changes. There are a lot of very unhappy people out there. Many are scared, uncertain, and don’t know what to do next.

Many do think that “All Things Must Pass” and think this bad economy will pass and we can then go back to where things were before this horrible time. In the meantime there are “waiting”…for that to happen. Or they are “waiting” because they don’t know what will happen. Either way, it’s a “All Things Must Pass…But Wait” scenario.

One thing I discovered many years ago is that most of what makes people unhappy is reality is not what they want reality to be. And so they stay unhappy until reality is what they want it to be.

We don’t know when this bad economy will pass or if we will go back to how things were before. In fact, I don’t think it will pass anytime soon and I don’t think we will go back to where we were before. I think that time has passed away as “All Things Must Pass.”

“All Things Must Pass…But Wait?”

But, I’m not pessimistic, I’m optimistic. “All Things Must Pass” means things change. THINGS ARE ALWAYS CHANGING. The question is, “What are they changing into?”

Deal with reality as it is. Pretend you are looking at it with a clean slate; not with all the baggage from the past. Look at it as you looked at everything when you were a child, with wonder and inquisitiveness.

Because things have changed, how do you need to change? How have your clients or customers needs changed? What opportunities are out there that weren’t there before?

If what you did in the past isn’t working, don’t wait for it to work again. Change!

I used to have a poster in college that said..”Great Things Come to Those Who Hustle While they Wait.” While we wait for the answer to come to us, we need to take positive action to figure it out. Look at your situation as a project you need to solve. With an open mind, really look at what is happening and how can you benefit from the changes that are occurring. Follow your heart and intuition and don’t do what everyone else does unless it really feels right for you.


“All Things Must Pass”…But DON’T Wait!


Some of the lyrics from the actual song “All things Must Pass’ are as follows:

None of life’s strings can last

So, I must be on my way

And face another day

Embrace this change. Go after this like you went after something you really wanted in the past when the odds seemed to be against you, but you succeeded anyway!


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