It’s Funny How Falling Feels Like Flying…for a little while!

You decide to take lessons on how to fly using a bat suit. Yes, you want to fly down canyons without a parachute! You learn about updrafts and downdrafts. You practice in an indoor simulator. You then practice jumping off small cliffs and build up to larger ones. You go to the Grand Canyon. You are on the edge looking down at the Canyon. You feel you are ready.

You are scared but people anticipating your flight are watching. You take a deep breath and finally get up the courage to jump. Your heart is pumping, your adrenaline is as fast as the wind that smashes you in the face. You hit an updraft and successfully move through it. And then a downdraft. Again you move through it. You are thinking…this isn’t so bad, I can do this. But then an eagle goes flying by you and you panic and almost hit the canyon wall and a snake jumps to strike you. Your movements are erratic and the Air Force thinks you are an unidentified flying object and they send fighter jets after you to shoot you down!

And you are thinking…I wasn’t expecting all of this!

I was only expecting updrafts and downdrafts!

But isn’t this exactly how it is in the entrepreneurial world? We think we have learned how to do something but so much more is involved than we think. Whether it is marketing and sales, managing employees, managing and monitoring systems, and on and on.

When we first start to learn something there is a short time where we feel like we are flying and everything is going to work out famously. Then all of a sudden we realize we are not flying but actually falling and we have to adjust quickly so as to not splat on the canyon floor.

Being an entrepreneur means we have to jump off the cliff and believe we can fly and adjustments are the rule not the exception. Because we typically don’t have the funds to create everything we need to ensure success and because everything moves so fast and we have to move before everything is in place, we are constantly jumping and adjusting. But that’s how we ensure success as entrepreneurs. Always moving and adjusting.

Without the falling, there is no flying!

Footnote: Jeff Bridges and The Abiders LIVE CD has a song “Falling and Flying” and one of the lines in it is…It’s Funny How Falling Feels Like Flying…for a little while. Great CD!

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